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Posted by Pepper T of Phoenix Arizona (2/26/14)

 I wasn't planing on updating my review but this year the food took a turn for the worst and I don't want my Yelp ID endorsing something in a positive way that I didn't feel positive about.  I hope that maybe early in the day many of the vendors just weren't in their work rhythm and got it together later for the crowds and that is a possibility of what happened.

I don't feel it's necessary to rat out on some places that didn't perform well in this environment but not all but much of the food I tried I found inedible. A few places that I enjoyed last year put out terrible and ice cold food this year. One place that put out my husband's favorite bite latter in the day watered down the food so much it was terrible and didn't make my good food list just for that.

A few places put out good food.

Whiskey Rose
Soleil at the Renaissance
Amuse Bouche
Shelly's Specialty Desserts
Adams Natural Meats

Everyone else (that I tried)  I can tell a story about but won't.

I left hungry and boozed up on generous amounts of really cheap wine to get my money's worth. (the type of wine you guzzle to avoid tasting)
Got my tickets half priced and I still feel this way!

I don't think I'm attending next year.

Posted by Mike A of Tempe Arizona(4/21/13)

I drove out from Tempe to ABC to pick up some Bison steaks for my birthday this weekend.  This was the only place I knew of in town and I didn't want to pay high shipping costs to order online from another out of state company.  I'm so glad I made the drive out.  Their little make shift store front was open from 8am-2pm on Saturdays so I went to check it out.  They had a 10% off sale yesterday so I saved about $10 on their prices plus I didn't have to pay aprx $30-$40 for overnight shipping, dry ice, etc.

I picked up 4 N.Y. Strip buffalo steaks, 2 one pound chubs of ground buffalo and a pack of peppered buffalo jerky.  The ground buffalo I'm saving for next month to share with my father-in-law when my wife & I see him in a month.  I grilled the strips tonight with a light marinade of Montreal seasoning, oil and a touch of red wine vinegar and I have to say these were the best steaks me and my friends ever had.  The steaks were aprx 12 oz. ea and 1" thick.  I cooked them medium rare for 4 minutes on each side and they were juicy, tender and had a nice mild flavor.  I don't think I can go back to regular steak again.

The staff was very friendly both on the phone and in person.  Their prices are reasonable and the drive wasn't too bad coming from Tempe (40 miles each way).  The lady who I talked to yesterday said they do farmer's markets in & around Phoenix so that is good to know if I didn't want to drive out to Buckeye.  I am going to recommend Arizona Buffalo Company to all of my friends and pick up more meat on those special occasions when I have family visiting or just want to grill.

Their make shift store was a little hard to find only because mapquest & my GPS sent me off a wild goose chase.  If you go to their website they do have directions that are easy to follow (only if I was smart enough).  :)